• Rwanda is a tiny, beautiful country known as the "Land of 1,000 Hills".
  • It is a haven of gender equality in Sub-Saharan Africa, boasting the world's first majority female parliament and equal literacy rates for boys and girls.
  • The 1994 genocide in Rwanda had devastating effects on Rwanda's population and economy, causing an orphan and widow crisis and low education rates.
  • As a result of this crisis, many women began caring for the orphaned children of neighbors and relatives in addition to their own families.


Noonday Collection's story began when Founder Jessica Honegger and husband Joe decided to adopt their son from Rwanda. During the adoption process, she learned about a group of women in Kigali who wanted to start new lives, but were struggling to find employment. Noonday customers came together to sponsor 11 women through sewing school, and they are now talented seamstresses. In addition to gaining a sustainable income, the women have a group of sisters to spend time with each day and a safe space to share their stories.

Africa - Rwanda